Reading and Parsing Large CSVs in Ruby

We work with a lot of CSVs at Image Relay. They serve as the "love language" for Product Information Management (PIM) due to their pivotal role in organizing and sharing product data efficiently. We'll explain some of the gotchas and lessons learned while working with large CSVs. Read more

By Travis 2024-05-28

Zero to Running Rails on in 15 minutes

It seems like every few months a reliable guide for "how to install X on Y" becomes out of date, or more often a dev will have to reference multiple guides to accomplish a single task. Read more

By Justin 2024-05-21


Last week the engineering team at Image Relay (6 people strong!) attended RailsConf in Detroit, and at least for myself it was the final push needed to get the wheels in motion on creating an engineering blog for us devs at Image Relay. Read more

By Justin 2024-05-17